Naoko Morita

hWelcome to my website. I am currently on maternity leave and will be relocating to Los Angeles for fall 2013. Private sessions and group classes will resume in 2014, so please join my mailing list for updates about upcoming classes and events using the form below. Any enquiries about private sessions can be sent to me at the contact form below or 


I am a Vinyasa and Anusara trained Yoga teacher, who offers both private and group classes. Having taught in New York City for 9 years, I am also certified in therapeutic yoga, and prenatal yoga. I have had much success working with children, seniors, and the developmentally disabled, along with students varying from beginner to advanced skill sets. I have helped clients with recovery from injury, and through my own pregnancy look forward to serving pre/postnatal women with an insider’s perspective. Click here for testimonials from past clients.


Yoga’s correlation between the physical and spiritual creates the foundation for my teaching philosophy. As a former modern dancer, I seek to express joy and happiness through physical training, and strive to help my students find the balance between dedication and relaxation. My detailed instruction, with a focus on body alignment, conscious breathing, and quality of movement, offers therapeutic benefits with the aim of guiding you towards manifesting your own intelligence, power, and potential.


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